• They track your
    online life


    Your searches and likes

    Google, Facebook and others companies keep your data on their servers indefinitely. This info can be subpoenaed by lawyers and goverments, including in civil cases like a divorce. Google had answered over 100,000 requests last year.

    Your Social Networks

    Governments have access to information about your political interests and affiliations. Your personal information including your photos can be made available to people who can steal your identity for purposes of theft and even for impersonating you on banks and other such sites or apps.

    Facial recognition

    With the invention of facial recognition, nobody is anonymous anymore, There are apps that are able to recognize your face or make deepFake videos. Even Amazon, Google and Apple are working on this technology.

  • They are not only tracking what you share and search for

    They know your every move

    • gps

      Gps is always on

      Did you now that your android is always tracking your location, you can check it here, In fact all apps set up with the correct permissions can also track your location.

    • servers

      Your personal data remains
      on their servers indefinitely.

      And your searches, photos and data that you shared can be accessed by lawyers or goverments. Even China is going to have a 'pre-crime police' system in place to momitor and rate people on how trustworthy they are.

    • microphones

      Your microphones are listening

      Facebook and Google Now, has been reported for showing ads and posts that are related to spoken keywords. Even some sexToys and Smart Tvs have been spying. Snowden has disabled his microphone from his phone and he uses headphones.

    • email tracking

      Your Email are tracked

      Google still has access to your emails and use your information for marketing purposes and to train their Neural Networks.

    • Alex Nowak

      SmartHome Devices

      Amazon Echo and Google Clips, are 'always on' systems. Essentially this leaves you in a place where you have less control and are left vulnurable. Your activites are under surveillance at all times.

    • Alex Nowak

      telcos sell your data

      Telcos have a lot of your personal information and they often sell it. This includes your name, location, and other information gathered from your online profile.

  • Possible solutions and tracking deactivation

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  • Improve Your Online Security

    Strong Passwords

    Hackers use automated software to submit hundreds of guesses per minute to try and get into your account.
    Their tools use lists of dictionary words to sequentially guess the password, and some tools will even looks for keywords from your social networks. You should check on this website if your accounts or passwords has been compromised, if so, you must change your passwords and install 2FA.

    The best way to protect yourself is to create a passphrase — a password that involves multiple words. The randomness of the word choice and length of the passphrase makes it strong. You may even end up using words that aren’t a normal part of your vocabulary. And you should never use the same password on different websites. In fact it would be good to use different mails on each website, to avoid association of your profiles.
    To encrypt and save all your different passwords or even if you want to generate a random one, you can install this program keeppass. And of course, you should remove all your passwords from google, If somebody get access to your google, he would have all your passwords.

    2 Factor Authenticator

    What is 2FA?: It is an extra layer of security that requires not only a password but also something that only, that user has on them, i.e. Number codes generated by his phone.
    When you enable your 2FA (for example in Facebook), you should backup the code or QR image that they provide you (it is even better to save it on paper) and then scan it with andOTP (Android, or GA IOS).
    You can also look at google advanced protection.

    Enable 2FA for
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  • Privacy protections for advaced users

    • Smartphones: It is interesting this list of officially supported LineageOS-compatible phone, and to avoid google services, root your phone, and install Xposed and then MicroG, and always try to use F-droid store, like Adaway.
    • Cloud storage: In cloud storage you are literally giving your files to companies. You should change dropbox, onedrive, google drive for privacy solutions like maybe sia.tech, nextcloud.com or storj.io, or a software that encrypts like cryptomator.org
    • Video: Youtube is the king but try: dtube, Bitchute, peerTube, or vimeo. Or at least the interface app NewPipe
    • Maps: Difficult to find better app than GoogleMaps, but you can try http://www.openstreetmap.org/ and for phone  Maps.Me
    • Captcha: Avoid to install Google spyware Captchas, try captcheck or hcaptcha
    • DNS: Google and his famous, gives to them the able to censor or block any web they want, You can try Adguard these are his DNS: / or DNS.WATCH / Similar monopoly strategy is used with Google AMP. While, they do give you speed, they take complete control of your website and what is displayed to your users.
    • Google Analytics: Every time you visit a website, Google knows it, since they have their GoogleAnalytics code all over the internet, because GA gives nice statistics of the page to the webmaster and to Google, of course. If you are a webmaster, you can try https://piwik.org/
    • VPNs: If you want to protect yourself while you are on public wifi or when you want to hide your ip then you should use some of this list or compare in this website.
    • Remove content tools: if you know a web which has post private information about you without your consent, you can try to resolve the situation. Send an email to the webmaster (http://whois.domaintools.com/) and then try to remove the content from social and search engines: bing, DuckDuckgo,Google, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
    • Visa tracks: Even if you want 'paranoid' level, to avoid banks accounts tracking, you can try bitcoin or even monero (which gives you more privacy).
    • Spectre/meltdown fix: Keep your OS updated. Ant try on chrome chrome://flags#enable-site-per-process and enable 'Strict site isolation'. For firefox about:config?filter=privacy.firstparty.isolate
    • You can generate random data: Noiszy can make our collected data less actionable by leaving misleading tracks, camouflaging our true behavior.
    • Reddit Alternative: Teddit is a front-end privacy friendly alternative. All your preferences are saved locally in your browser.
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